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Years dancing/years dancing for sport team: 19 years dancing: 3 for Gonzaga, and first for the Shock

Dream Job: Elementary School Teacher

Favorite Subject in School: My education courses in college

Favorite Color: Green

Dream travel destination: Paris, France

Things you can’t go a day without: Food with lots of carbs, they’re like all I eat! (Pasta, Bread, Potatoes, etc.)

Favorite Restaurant: Old Spaghetti Factory

Favorite Sport: Dance, but I enjoy watching all sports

Quote to live by: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.”

Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde

If you won the lottery what would you do:  Travel the world!

Famous person you would like to be like: Probably Oprah

Doppelganger: I have no idea!

Most embarrassing moment: My senior year of dance, part of my costume snapped off in the middle of a performance and I had to keep dancing with it awkwardly flying all over. After all the show must go on!

What is a catch phrase or term you always use: I am always talking about my Cricut! It is not an insect, it is a crafting machine!