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Years Dancing: 12 years in studio, 2017 Empire Season

Dream Job: Commercial Airline Pilot

Favorite Subject in School: Geology

Favorite Color: Purple

Dream Travel Destination: London

Things you can’t go a day without: Sleep, Breakfast, and some sort of caffeine (tea, coffee)

Favorite Restaurant: Spaghetti Factory

Favorite Sport: To watch – hockey. To do – Dance.

Quote to live by: Never let anybody else compromise your goals and dreams.

Favorite Movie: The Guardian

If you won the lottery what would you do: Pay off my student loans, car, and build my dream home.

Famous Person you would like to be like: Dakota Fanning

Doppelganger: Cameron Diaz? Never really been told I have one

Most embarrassing moment: Breaking my wrist in front of my entire High School during an assembly

Catch phrase/term I always use: You got it!