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Years dancing/years dancing for sport team: 16 years

Dream Job: World Renowned Choreographer and Founder/Owner of an established Beauty Bar.

Favorite Subject in School: English

Favorite Color: Lavender

Dream travel destination: The Bahamas

Things you can’t go a day without: Hugs from my family and doggies, an avocado and music.

Favorite Restaurant: RÜT Bar & Kitchen

Favorite Sport: playing- Softball watching- Basketball

Quote to live by: Lead your life with love and purpose and happiness will follow

Favorite Movie: (s) I cant pick one so Wreck it Ralph 1 & 2 and American Assassin

If you won the lottery what would you do: Travel the world with my family then pick and buy houses in our favorite places we visited.

Famous person you would like to be like: Parris Goebel

Doppelganger: Raven from That’s So Raven

Most embarrassing moment: When I was eight I cut my hair to look like 2007 Rihanna..big mistake.

What is a catch phrase or term you always use: “no cap”