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IFL History

Mission Statement:

“To consistently serve our Guests (Ticket Holders), Partners (Sponsors), and our Homes (Teams Cities) with the highest level of professional indoor football, and to do so with integrity, affordability, and passion, both on the field and around the communities in which we play.”


In 2003, two businessmen in Texas created the six-team Intense Football League. The league grew from six to eight, to ten teams without ever having a game go un-played for five seasons. A year later, several veteran team operators in the Midwest formed a league titled the United Indoor Football Association and enjoyed four yea

rs of success. During this period, league executives from both sides admired the other’s success and a friendship was developed.

In 2008, the suggestion of merger became reality as the two leagues agreed to dissolve their former affiliations to become the new Indoor Football League.

In the league’s inaugural season in 2009, the Billings Outlaws defeated the River City Rage and were crowned the first United Bowl Champion.

In 2010, the IFL the Billings Outlaws were again named IFL champions as the team defeated the Sioux Falls Storm.

2011 brought in new faces and new places to the Indoor Football League. With the addition of new teams in markets such as Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Wyoming, the IFL gave fans more exciting football than ever. The Sioux Falls Storm claimed their first United Bowl trophy as they defeated the Tri-Cities Fever in the United Bowl.

2012 brought an influx of media attention and exposure to the league. The season ended with the Sioux Falls Storm again raising the United Bowl trophy as they defeated the Tri-Cities Fever for a second year in a row.

The 2013 season proved to be one of the most successful in IFL history. IFL teams broke box office records, averaging just shy of 4,000 fans per game. The Sioux Falls Storm pulled off the three-peat, defeating the Nebraska Danger for the United Bowl Championship.

In its sixth season of play, and under the leadership of a new Commissioner, Mike Allshouse, the League continued to take steps to improve its business model. The Sioux Falls Storm defeated the Nebraska Danger, 63-46, claiming their fourth straight United Bowl Championship.

Over the past several seasons, the IFL has continued to add historic organizations such as the Iowa Barnstormers and the Arizona Rattlers. The Rattlers made an immediate impact on the field and won the the 2017 United Bowl. The Barnstormers defeated the Sioux Falls Storm in the league’s 10th anniversary season and were named the 2018 United Bowl champions.

With common goals of entertaining fans in IFL communities across America and developing talented and deserving players to play at the next level, the IFL is here to stay.