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Shox the Fox pays a visit to Spokane Shock sponsor 509 Cryo

We’d like to thank proud Spokane Shock sponsor 509 Cryo for having Shox the Fox visit today!

Got some aches and pains after training? Recovering from an injury? Come try the coldest machine in Spokane, WA for some cryotherapy!

Cryotherapy is the practice of using cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness. Cryotherapy also helps decrease pain, muscle spasms improve recovery, slow cell aging and to improve your overall health!

We love supporting this company and everything they do for the Spokane community! We are excited to partner with 509 Cryo for the upcoming 2021 season!

Be sure to go see 509 Cryo for all your recovery needs! Their address is: 116 E Augusta Ave, Spokane WA 99207

Thank you for supporting the Spokane Shock!