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Shox the Fox visits Shock sponsor U-District Physical Therapy

We’d like to thank proud Spokane Shock partner U-District Physical Therapy for having Shox the Fox visit yesterday!

U-District Physical Therapy is the Physical Therapy and  Strength and Conditioning provider for their upcoming season in 2021.

U-District Physical Therapy was formed in the spring of 2004 by Brian Cronin, Jeff Hart, and Mike Nilson. By combining their professional backgrounds, they created a space where physical therapy, performance training, and personal training were uniquely fused. Their mission is to create a welcoming, healing, and inspiring environment that empowers people to meet their health and well-being potential.

We love supporting this company and everything they do for the Spokane community! We are excited to partner with them for the 2021 season!

Visit U-District Physical Therapy for all your health and well-being potential needs!

Thank you for supporting the Spokane Shock!